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How to Easily Stream PUBG Mobile Gameplay from iPhone to Facebook | SCOT UG

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PUBG Mobile is played by millions of mobile gamers around the world, though it is a popular game among teenagers, many streamers use desktops and laptops addons to stream their games to the internet however iPhone users still find it hard to live stream the PUBG Mobile game from iPhone to Facebook, Youtube, and other streaming sites. this article will show you how you can easily stream PUBG games from your iPhone.

Kindly follow the steps below to live stream your PUBG Mobile gameplay from your iPhone to your Facebook or YouTube channel.

How to Easily Stream PUBG Mobile Gameplay from iPhone to Facebook 


Your iPhone

The built-in screen recorder on iPhones is extremely useful. By going to settings, selecting control panel, then screen recorder, you can create a shortcut when you click the + sign on the right.

The Mobcrush App

Download and install Mobcrush from the App Store. Open the app and sign in with your Facebook and YouTube accounts, depending on where you want to go live. After you've given Mobcrush permission to access your Facebook or YouTube accounts, save your settings and you're ready to go. The following step is to begin live streaming.

How To Stream PUGB game Using Mobcrush App

Swipe your control from bottom to top and hold down the screen record button for a few seconds. There are two options available: recording the screen and Mobcrush broadcast. Choose which game you'd like to broadcast. It will, without a doubt, be your PUBG mobile game in this case. Click "Start Broadcasting" after selecting Mobcrush. On your social media profile, your iPhone screen is now visible. Start playing PUBG Mobile and have a good time! Log on to Facebook to check and view your own live game. It will be displayed on your wall.

How to Easily Stream PUBG Mobile Gameplay from iPhone to Facebook 

Finally, Because Mobcrush is free, you can use it to share your screen live on social media so that your friends can watch you play. You can also increase the resolution to 480p, which is pretty good for smooth streaming. If you have a problem with the volume being too low, try using earphones to solve the problem. Is anything else missing? Kindly leave us a comment below.

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