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How To Download and Install 64-bit Android Image MEMU PLAYER 2021

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Many Memu player users find it hard to install 64-bit Android applications on their Memu player since they are not supported by the 32-bit OS, which is the default Android image that comes with Memu Player, In this post, you will learn how to download and install a 64-bit Memu player android image onto your laptop or desktop. Memu Player's latest version is a modern android emulator with a 64-bit android operating system that can run on low-end laptops and desktops. Its performance has been significantly improved and it enables many apps and games to run better. 

64-bit Android Image MEMU PLAYER

Steps To Download And Install 64-bit MEMU Player Android Image

First, download and install your preferred Memu player version onto your desktop or laptop from the official Memu Player website and customize the Android emulator to your preferred settings. For best performance, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for your system.

Step 1

Open Memu Player Multi-MEmu launcher and give it time for full launching and single right-click on the 'New" tab or follow the arrow on the photo below.


Step 2

Move your mouse pointer on the dropdown menu to the "Android 7.1 64-bit" option and click on it. By the time of the writing of this article, Memu player only provides Android 7.1 64-bit image due to its good stability, and the good news is that almost all games can run on Android 7.


Step 3

Select OK on the prompt menu that appears. However, kindly make sure you have enough data credit and storage on your disk C since this image is between 300 and 400 megabytes of storage and data.


The rate at which Memu player downloads 64-bit images depends on your internet bandwidth and signal strength. We recommend terminating all other bandwidth-consuming apps on your system during this process.

step 4

The installation process of the 64-bit Android image is automatic, therefore you will have to wait till both processes are done.

We also made a video tutorial for you. Kindly check it out here.

Step 4

Congratulations! You have finally installed a 64-bit Android Image for MEMU player, and all you need to do in this step is to click "start" on the newly installed image and get the best experience of gaming on a 64-bit image.

step 3b

You are free to delete the previous 32-bit Android image to save disk space. However, if you still need it, leave it.

If you need a one-step import method, click here.

Finally, gaming on the PC or running Android games on your PC is fun with the right hardware and software, and I hope this article has been of greater value to you. Is anything else missing? Kindly leave us a comment below.

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