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Lose Weight Case Study-Body Fitness Without Any Drugs

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If a person wishes to live a disease-free life, then running is the one and only solution that will improve your body's health and fitness using no lose weight drugs or recipes or body fitness machine. Running makes people's minds to be more active while also keeping their minds relaxed. In the early morning, when the fresh air will be breathed into the body and the air exhaled from the respiratory system, it is recommended to perform the procedure. 

It also helps to reduce the incidence of chronic disorders such as heart disease, diabetes (especially type 2), and stroke. Most of the runners start with a run/jog, but with time you can make your body fit with a healthy living lifestyle.

Keep the medicine away by taking this exercise regularly

Because this early morning jogging makes the mind more active, it helps to reduce body weight by burning the extra calories that have accumulated in the body. In the eyes of many celebrities, it was a bizarre fitness regimen that made the body leaner and kept it free of ailments.

If you currently have a health problem or want to improve your overall well-being, running is the only solution as it is the best way to lose weight

Because of these incredible advantages, people embraced this activity all around the world. When comparing this workout to the others, it is the most straightforward and efficient, and it does not require the runner to encounter any additional problems.

Many people say that it is one of the safest exercises they had ever done and that it allows them to enjoy themselves more when exercising. This means that beginners don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable before trying this activity. 

During a Lose weight Case Study, it was shown that an individual with a 60 kg body weight may burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes of running, regardless of whether he has attempted other workouts such as swimming, cycling, aerobic dance, or rapid walking before.

During the study, the Test subject only burned 240 calories while swimming and cycling, 195 calories while aerobic dancing, and 150 calories while speed walking. This experimental setup, therefore, concludes that running is the one and only exercise that will benefit those who take part in it.

Body Fitness with no Drugs

The following are the procedures to be followed before and after completing this activity.

Before beginning this practice of jogging in the morning, it is necessary to read and understand the following instructions. 

A person recovering from an injury may be hesitant to begin this exercise because he or she may be concerned about their blood pressure. 

This should be noticed before beginning the run. Then, if the person is not active after completing this running activity, they should follow the instructions provided by their guides in order to improve their overall fitness level.

Running is free and available anytime, anywhere. All you need is a pair of running shoes and some space, no gym needed!

It is necessary to use high-quality running shoes in order to limit the dangers of diseases because of the old and damaged shoes; it is recommended to change shoes every 300 miles or a distance of some sort. In order to remember, write a note in your notebook of the runs that the shoes have taken you on. When beginning this activity.

It is recommended that you begin with a five-minute warm-up before you step on the truck to ensure that your mind is as engaged as possible for walking, marching, and climbing the stairs.


It is suggested that you perform this workout for a duration of 10 to 30 minutes. In order to make a person more comfortable after walking for 30 minutes, two to three minutes of rest will be required.

Before doing any physical exercise, kindly visit your doctor or guide to check if your body health is fit for such exercise and if yes what are the limits, you should not exceed.

Remember to take enough water every day to keep your body hydrated for better results.

Finally, there are many-body exercise methods out but we found jogging as the easiest for almost every person. If you have any other body fitness methods, you use kindly let us know in the comment box below. 

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