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V2ray Same Port Multi-User Installation Guide on Ubuntu VPS | SCOT UG

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Many V2ray installation scripts and panels on the internet do not support V2ray Same Port Multi-User creation, where you can either create users on the same port or create users with different ports on the same server. This article will show you how to install V2ray, which can use the same port on multi-user on Ubuntu VPS, and will also include the free V2Ray panel script.

v2ray Tutorial


A Linux server (VPS)

A Cloudflare account

Name of the domain

Panel Script for V2ray

Step 1-Create a Linux Server (VPS)

Any data centre location can work, but I recommend Ubuntu 16 LTS and above versions for this V2Ray installation process. I usually use these service providers for my hosting due to their great services and security. DigitalOcean(free $100)Linode(free $100)Vultr(free $100)

Step 3-Getting a Domain Name

Register a domain name from any domain name provider who grants you name server changing permission, and I found the following domain name providers good and cheaper, not only for v2ray hosting but also for web hosting. Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, Goviralhost, NameCheap or use this DOMCOP to find out the cheapest domain name provided

Step 4-Create DNS Records

Signup for a Cloudflare account from their official website using your real details. Add your site to Cloudflare and create a DNS record for the domain by pointing the domain to the server where you are going to install V2ray. I made a video tutorial and a blog post on how to do this. You can check them out for further assistance.

Step 5: Install V2ray Multi-User Panel

SSH into your server using any SSH client like Termux, Juice SSH, or Termius for Android, and Putty, Mobaxterm for Windows. You need to log in as a root user on your server since the v2ray installation script requires root access. Copy and paste the v2ray installation script below into your server console and press enter.

source(curl -sL https://multi.netlify.app/v2ray.sh)

V2ray Same Port Multi-User Installation Guide on Ubuntu VPS
Panel console

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The V2ray script will install all the required protocols for V2ray and it may take between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Congrats!  You have successfully installed the V2ray multi-user same port script. You can create users or delete users, manage users' usage, add or change ports, change stream method, and many other amazing controls.

You can change stream protocol, port number, open TLS, change the user ID of v2ray vmess by choosing option 4. As well you can monitor user usage and bandwidth through option 5 however, you must first open statistics capture settings.

Video: How To Manage V2ray Multi-User Same Port Panel

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