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How To Connect To Linux VPS From Mobile Phone Using Termius APP

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Managing Or controlling your Ubuntu VPS or Linux server from your android phone can be had if you have the wrong android Linux client, worry no more because in this article, am to teach you how to connect to Linux VPS from a mobile phone using Termius APP.

Termius is the SSH client that works on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Termius App works on windows, android and IOS operating systems.

About Termius APP 

Termius is SSH/SFTP and Telnet client brought you by Termius Corporation with over 1 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 on play store but it’s on open source


Connect To Linux VPS From Mobile Phone Using Termius APP

Why You Need Termius App

The primary reason you need an SSH client to run manage your servers is that most VPS hosting account providers give command line virtual machines which require you to use SSH clients such that you can connect to the server via commands

You can use this powerful SSH client to SSH to most popular distributions like Ubuntu and Debian server plans like Shared Hosting or Dedicated high-performance Servers from your preferred hosting provider account.

Video: How To Use Termius App Android For Linux servers.

How To Download Termius App

You can download and install the Termius application from play-store, termius official website or apple store for IOS and macOS. Click on the button below to download the app.

Get any Linux like ubuntu server or Debian from your VPS provider, copy and paste both the server IP and user password to your notepad.

You can get a high-performance server from any VPS hosting solution provided though I find the following as the best  DigitalOcean(free $100)Linode(free $100)Vultr(free $100) actually you can get free VPS no credit card required

How To Use Termius App.

Open the application and click on the plus icon (+) on the bottom right corner of the Termius application.

Termius App

You will be presented with different terms, but don’t mind. We will explain every term such that u know how to use this application from scratch.


This is any word or label you would like to name your server. This is very useful when you are managing lots of server resources. Therefore, name your dedicated servers a corresponding alias for easy identification.


This is the server user name you created or provided by your VPS service provider. By default, this is its root for many providers like Digital ocean, vultr and others.


This is the administrative door on your server through which the SSH client Termius will access your server such that you connect with it. By default, this port is 22.

Password and Key

This is the security question your server firewall verifies to grant you access to your server. In most cases, it is a password inform of alphabets and numbers combination assigned on the server creation process.

In simple terms, a key is an encrypted file that termius decrypts and extracts the passphrase of your server and is rarely used, though its importance is much compared to passwords.

IP Address

In simple terms, an IP address is a unique address that identifies your server on the internet or a local network provided on completion of the server creation process.

Paste the VPS user name, password or key, IP address and port in their respective fields in the termius application and click save.

Tap on the Alias of your server and terminus will start SSH connections requests to your server and on verification, it will grant you access to your server and start navigating it via commands

Finally, Termius SSH/SFTP and Telnet client application is a perfect app. You should try out though the app market has a lot of which your free test such that find the best choice. We also made a video about this powerful app on our youtube channel feel free to check it out. What else have we missed in this article kindly leave us a comment on and we will reply as soon as possible?

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