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How To Create Non-proxied Cloudflare DNS Records For V2ray | SCOT UG

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 V2ray provides an online, encrypted proxy service that makes accessing websites more secure. While installing v2ray on Linux servers (VPS), users can specify which DNS records to anonymize when connecting to the internet. Non-proxied DNS records are the default records for v2ray. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to create non-proxied Cloudflare DNS records for v2ray use. These records allow the domain on the network to be reached by setting an A record on your domain's DNS configuration and pointing it at the v2ray installed server.

How to create a non-proxied Cloudflare DNS record

Create a Cloudflare account from Cloudflare's official website. Make sure to use real email addresses for verification purposes and use a strong password to protect them from hackers.


click signup

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email and strong password

On successful account creation, login into your account and click on the "Add a site" button on your account dashboard. 

click add site

Enter your domain name which you purchased earlier. Any domain name provider that allows Name servers to be changed can be used. However, I find the following website hosting and domain name providers good due to their low prices and offers big discounts for new users. BluehostHostgatorHostingerGoviralhostNameCheap.if you already have a domain name, you can create a subdomain as well. 

Still confused about where to get the best domain name at a lower price?, try out the DOMCOMP website which provides domain name price comparisons from major brands.

type in your domain name and click add

Change the name server of your domain name's name serves to the Cloudflare name server provided and wait for verification. This usually takes a few minutes, but it can take longer depending on your domain name provider network. If you don't know how to change the name servers of your provider, kindly contact the support team for assistance.

change name servers to the ones given

On your main domain dashboard, select DNS and click to "Add record" for Type, select A record, Enter @  for "Name" and your server IP address as your IPv4 address and turn off Proxy to DNS only and click save. As shown below.

There are many Linux server providers on the internet, some of which provide free trials before you purchase any Linux server. These include DigitalOcean (free $100)Linode (free $100), and Vultr (free $100) .

click add record

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Congrats!, you have successfully created a DNS record from Cloudflare and you are free to continue with installing V2ray on your server using your domain name.

Finally, we also made a video tutorial for further assistance. CLICK HERE to watch it.

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