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How To Pay And Buy Online Anonymously | SCOT UG

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Today we will go over a few steps on how to buy and sell anonymously online. Buying and selling online can be stressful if you are a privacy-concerned person. Let’s say you’re buying products from websites which you aren’t sure of safety of your payment details like credit card or bio-data and don’t want to expose your actual location data, mostly if the product is digital.

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Some factors people think of first are their personal data, like the names of credit cards they use and their biography. However, hackers and spying agencies can trace your details, like insurance company used, credit cards, search queries, and many starting with your IP address, so being anonymous online starts with your IP addresses or your location.

Want to be anonymous online in order to access blocked websites, protect yourself from hackers, or buy or sell something online while remaining undetected? In the following post, I will explain four simple ways to remain anonymous online!

Some ways to hide your IP addresses include:

  • Using Proxies
  • Using Tor
  • SSH tunnel,
  • Using a VPN

DISCLAIMERS: This channel and its management do NOT promote or encourage any illegal activities. All contents provided by this channel/website are meant for educational and information purposes only.

There are four main types of IP addresses any device has on the internet,
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Private IP Addresses
  • Dynamic IP address
  • Static IP Addresses

keep your credit cards far from hackers

1. Utilization of Proxies

A proxy is an IP address of a server (proxy server) that sits between your computer and the Internet. The benefit of using a proxy is that your correct IP address is hidden, so when you buy or sell online, you are providing the IP address of the proxy server rather than your correct IP address. Similarly, if you are a regular Internet user, the penetration hacker will not get your actual IP address, but the IP address of the proxy server. You can use it to gain access to a website or forum where your IP address has been blocked.

Keep in mind, information like credit cards, education transcripts, insurance payments, social security numbers, identity card should be handled with care online, don't enter such details in every website you find even if it's a virtual credit card. If possible, keep such assets on a safe drive than having them inform photos or scanned documents in your laptop or mobile phone.

2. Utilization of Tor

Tor-proxy is a free proxy-server service that allows Internet users to hide their IP address while browsing the Web. Tor (The Onion Router) is a free piece of software that allows for online anonymity. Tor routes Internet traffic through a free, global volunteer network of over 3000 relays to conceal a user’s location or usage from anyone. Tor project Tor includes a Tor browser and a Tor Network VPN called Orbot, which you can use to connect to Tor Network.

3. Making Use of SSH Tunneling

An SSH VPN tunnel is an encrypted tunnel created by connecting to an SSH protocol server. SSH tunnels can route encrypted traffic across a network via an encrypted channel. In layperson’s terms, you can surf the web without being watched and even access sites that are blocked via SSH connection.

Top SSH tunneling apps like HTTP Injector and HA Tunnel Plus App for android can be of great advantage

don't share your location online

4. Using a VPN

VPN (virtual private network) (mobile virtual private network)It is essentially a private network that allows users to connect to other users or remote sites via a public network, typically the internet. Instead of physical connections, it uses “virtual” connections routed through the Internet from the company’s private network to the remote site or employee. 

They commonly used this in colleges, universities and government agencies for conference calling and online lecturing. In a nutshell, it is a private network built within a public network infrastructure like the global Internet. The primary distinction between a proxy and the good merit of a VPN is that everything encrypted, adding an extra layer of security.

What else have we missed in this article. Kindly leave us a comment below.

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