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A 10 Minute Workout to Help You Tighten Your Arm Fat

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If you just started getting into shape, you’ll notice that it’s hard to get rid of arm fat. Just like the core, it has a layer of fat that hides the actual definition of muscle. However, it’s not impossible to make your arm look much better. Getting the right arm workout and resistance will help you mold some incredible arms. 

It’s all about knowing the right movements to build incredible muscle that will take your arms from a floppy disk to a strong hammer that looks great on your beach days. You won't have to shatter your bank account or your body to get there, fortunately. Here’s a 10-minute workout to help you tighten up your arms.

Warming Up Your Shoulders


Workout to Help You Tighten Your Arm Fat

One of the first things you can do for your arms starts on your shoulders. Having strong shoulders will assist you in reaching the rest of your arms. Because you use them so constantly without even realizing it, they're practically like stabilizing muscles. 

This is before you get to the meat of your arms (the biceps and triceps). A good movement you can do is to create small circles in the opposite direction to mix things up a bit. This not only will give you a good range of motion for more strenuous exercises, but it will also warm your shoulders for the main course. 

Having strong and mobile shoulders will give you the right juice you need to help get through your workouts. Do a few well-placed jabs back and forth for a little boxing session to heat the shoulders even more.

For your arm extensions, use light resistance.


One move to use is called an arms runner. Basically, you start with your arm at 90 degrees and your shoulder is tucked in. You actually do more of a running motion with the weight than you would on a typical run. 

This is a great motion workout and you can do it with a 5-pounder. Keep the elbows bent at 90 degrees. Ensure that everything is in place so that you can feel it in your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Another good workout to do is tricep extensions. 

Make sure you arch your back a bit and keep your knees bent. You’re going to have your elbows pinned near your body, extend back with your arm, and alternate it. You’ll definitely isolate your back and arms by doing this in a slow and controlled motion all the way up.

Mixing Up Push Ups with Extensions


Mixing Up Push Ups with Extensions

This is a more strenuous workout, but it garners serious results. It’s called a tricep push-up and you mix it in with a straight-arm kickback. 

If you don’t have the strength to do the kickback with weights, you can still do it as it’s a full-range workout. Get your feet wide for stability, go down with your elbows tight to your body, and kick back with your arm. 

This is a great full-body toner with the triceps being the focal point of the workout. With a few of these workouts done consistently and added difficulty, you’ll be able to get a great overall tone in your muscles.

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