How To Pass Youtube Copyright Questions And Answers

In this article, I will guide you on how to pass YouTube copyright school questions in the easiest way possible.

Every year there are millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube. Copyright is an important issue for YouTube. Whether you are just starting out or have been uploading videos for years, you need to know what copyright is and how it can affect you. In this article, I will guide you on how to pass YouTube copyright school questions in the easiest way possible.

While YouTube can help make your dreams come true by providing a free platform to share your knowledge, talent, creativity, it can also be a nightmare if you use content from other creators.

 Pass Youtube Copyright Questions

If the person who created the original content decides they want their work back after you use it without permission (copyright) from him/her by striking a content-id claim. For the past few years, Youtube channels could get copyright strikes and Youtubers could just wait for Youtube to uplift the strike, answering no question. 

What Is A Content Id Claim?

According to Google Help, whenever you upload a piece of content to Youtube it is copyright-protected by default on Youtube, therefore the algorithm assigns that content a unique ID called content ID, therefore if anyone re-uploads your whole/part content, the system detects it and auto-generates a content ID claim to the offender.

Secondly, if you are a content creator hosting your content on various platforms, you can also submit your content to YouTube for content ID. This prevents copies of your content from being re-uploaded without your permission.

How To Copyright Strike A Video On YouTube.

To strike the copyright of your content, you need to copy the link of the re-uploaded video and head to your YouTube studio select Copyright Tab and finally click additional request and feel the questionnaire as per your details and click submit. 

YouTube will double your claim and inform the owner of the channel about the copyright infringement with options and if the offender cannot comply, they take the video down.

Copyright Questions And Answers

How To Remove Copyright Claims On YouTube.

There are 3 ways you can remove a YouTube copyright claim;

  • Complete Copyright School by answering a few questions correctly and they will lift the strike after 90days. 

  • You can request the content owner to withdraw the copyright strike by witting to google confirming your agreement. 

  • Write to YouTube confirming copyright ownership of the content if you believe the video was wrongly removed.

Video: Free YouTube Copyright Questions And Answers

How To Pass Copyright School -YouTube Copyright Questions And Answers.

You pass these questions by selecting the right answer to the aim questions asked by Google. And to make it simple, I complied with all the major questions and answers in the file below. Kindly click the download button to get the file.

Note; Don’t close the Copyright School tab as this will change the questions on the next re-opening of the tab.

Download Now

Finally, it’s tough to create videos without infringing on somebody else copyright but with the proper information, you can avoid any type of infringement and stay protected

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